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~*~Club Winx Fans~*~
Wallpaper of choice: ~*~Winx Club~*~
Favourite cartoon character: ~*~Bloom, Musa, Stella, Tecna, Flora and every chara from "Winx Club"~*~
~*~-==*})i({*==--==*})i({*==-:butterflytwo: WINX FANS :butterflytwo:-==*})i({*==--==*})i({*==-~*~

~*~:butterflytwo: WELCOME :butterflytwo:~*~

:bulletred: Welcome to our Club! It's the club on deviantART dedicated to a cartoon "Winx Club".

~*~:butterflytwo: LEADER :butterflytwo:~*~

:bulletred: Hi, I'm :icondaihelsing: and I'm the Club Founder^^. I like "Club Winx" very much and I decided to make this club. My favourite Winx is Musa. She's pretty awesome!

~*~:butterflytwo: RULES :butterflytwo:~*~

:bulletred: Please send the notes to the club.
:bulletred: Send a note with "Join" as the title and with the information who you'd like to be - The Fairy of Alfea, The Witch of Cloud Tower or The Specialist of Red Fountain.
:bulletred: If you only +devwatch the club, you will join as a fairy.
:bulletred: Send a note with "Affiliate", if you want to be our affiliate.
:bulletred: You must follow the qualifications.
:bulletred: You don't have to submit any images with Winx!

~*~:butterflytwo: QUALIFICATIONS :butterflytwo:~*~

:bulletred: Love or like "Winx Club".
:bulletred: You have to have the icon or a link in your signature or part of your journal! To add our icon/link to your journal/signature : iconwinx-fans : for journal entries and, : devwinx-fans : for signatures without spaces.

~*~:butterflytwo: SUBMISSIONS :butterflytwo:~*~

:bulletred: If you have some drawings, pictures, wallpapers etc. with characters from "Winx Club", sent a note with "Submit" as the title and with the link to your work as the text.
:bulletred: NO Winxmakers' or Fairymakers' pictures, please!
:bulletred: You'll receive the one Magic Rose (:rose:) for every your submittion. If you have 0-5 Magic Roses you're a student - a fairy, a witch or a specialist. If you have 6-15 Magic Roses, you're The Head Girl or The Head Boy. If you have 16-25 you're The Prefect. If you have under 30 Magic Roses, you become The Teacher.

~*~:butterflytwo: LINKS :butterflytwo:~*~

Feel free to send us links to your favourite Winx Club sites!!! One link = :rose:^^

:bulletred: Winx Club - The Official Winx Site
:bulletred: Floating Hearts!
:bulletred: WiNXCLuB-DaRCY-FT-RiVeN
:bulletred: Winx Club Wallpapers
:bulletred: Winx's angels page principale
:bulletred: Cute Winx
:bulletred: Michael's Winx Club
:bulletred: WinxPower Show
:bulletred: WinxClubNow
:bulletred: Miss-Magix-Winx-Club
:bulletred: Forums - Winx Club
:bulletred: Tabletop RPG Realm - Winx Club BESM
:bulletred: Winx Club Coloring Book Images
:bulletred: Yahoo! Groups:  offthewallwinx - seejessiedraw's Yahoo! Group for Winx fans.
:bulletred: Yahoo! Groups:  Winx_Club_Fan_Club - gragondora's Yahoo! Group for Winx fans.
:bulletred: Winx Photo Puzzles and Games
:bulletred: Princess Diaspro Fansite
:bulletred: Winx Club Website
:bulletred: Dreams & Kisses Flora & Musa Winxclub femslash
:bulletred: Prof. Avalon sings "Follow your heart"
:bulletred:  (Special thanks to tectim!)
:bulletred: Winx Club FREE Images, courtesy of Michael's Winx Club
:bulletred: Fairy Makeover  (Special thanks to EmberStar!)
:bulletred: Realm of Magix  (Special thanks to marisaa7989!)
:bulletred: Polish blogs: Asia-Musa, BloomAgnieszka, MartaBloom, Our Club Winx, Flora-Love, Aisha Magic, Magical Friends, Jagodamusa, Bloom-Winx-Site.

~*~:butterflytwo: CONTEST :butterflytwo:~*~

:bulletred: Comming soon...

~*~:butterflytwo: UPDATES :butterflytwo:~*~

:bulletred: Past updates
:bulletred: o4.o9.2oo7 - New members and affiliate. Alfea welcomes its new student: Lee-san-1991. Cloud Tower welcomes its new student: radarvictory1. Red Fountain welcomes its new students: ry-sabir and nickelizzle.
:bulletred: o9.o9.2oo7 - New members. Alfea welcomes its new students: marisaa7989 and gelb. Cloud Tower welcomes its new student: Mari-Rocks. Red Fountain welcomes its new student: DJWill.
:bulletred: 17.o9.2oo7 - New members. Alfea welcomes its new students: Jemmy-sama, abigail25796, Asukki-chan and marmardrew. Red Fountain welcomes its new student: winxking.
:bulletred: 23.o9.2oo7 - New members. Alfea welcomes its new students: Futiafox and girlwithpower1212. Cloud Tower welcomes its new students: reihoshino and alfearox.
:bulletred: o7.1o.2oo7 - New members. Alfea welcomes its new students: CarlaSophia, fullmoonosagashite and Kitrakaya. Cloud Tower welcomes its new student: HollywoodG. Red Fountain welcomes its new students: MrPowerpuff and LemGambino.
:bulletred: 19.1o.2oo7 - New members and affiliate. Alfea welcomes its new students: yumi-hardy23 and fairyofanime. Cloud Tower welcomes its new students: bubblepup13 and tiijuanna. Red Fountain welcomes its new student: pt018.
:bulletred: o1.12.2oo7 - New members and affiliate. Alfea welcomes its new students: DarkCrystalFairy, mmp123, EMOfashionista, nenya2, KittyxEnvy, CresentSapphireMoon, nejigf, RikkuLockhart, ritusworld2 and LittleAngel-Princess.
:bulletred: 18.o5.2oo8 - New members and affiliates!
Alfea welcomes its new students: :iconjaknight:, :iconellyanna:, :iconlizzybizzy1992:, :iconplushiegirl93:, :iconstunning-melody:, :iconnanao178:, :icondragonoflightning:, :iconrurimon:, :iconpuccamadlisa-x:, :iconkittmouri:, :iconax25:, :iconsplish-0-splash:, :iconlavenderseafairy:, :iconcosplaygirls:, :iconshadowhardt:, :iconedeninfinityadventur:, :iconookami-metsuki:, :iconmarquis21:, :iconameliawolfe: and :iconneoreina:.
Cloud Tower welcomes its new students: :icontoadysplatch:, :iconsasukeluvsmemore:, :icongeenniyy:, :iconcottonkittie:, :iconsanclom:, :iconxxbloodnbubblegumxx:, :iconmanga-marvel:, :icontarla-trent:, :iconjessieann543:, :iconagatathewitch:, :iconcanedatartufi:, :iconspottedxfire:, :iconpinkiix:, :iconzenimoonchild:, :iconlyles:, :iconkd-dragon:, :iconblackfairy00:, :iconhev-chan:, :iconviolettakid:, :iconddrhero:, :icontoni-technaclaw:, :iconla-nanii:, :iconalfearox:, :iconhitsoriyumi:, :iconwinxgirl101:, :iconfearkid1: :iconpsychomariku:, :iconwinxluver:, :iconmistyque:, :icontoyet24: and :iconrogueangel231:.

~*~:butterflytwo: MEMBERS (Total: 464) :butterflytwo:~*~

:bulletred: Fairies of Alfea (357)
:bulletred: Witches of Cloud Tower (67)
:bulletred: Specialists of Red Fountain (40)

~*~:butterflytwo: FAN ART LIST : :bulletred: by title || :bulletred: by artist :butterflytwo:~*~

~*~:butterflytwo: FAN FICTION LIST :butterflytwo:~*~

~*~:butterflytwo: TOP 10 MEMBERS: :butterflytwo:~*~

1. Sokai-Sama has 22 Magic Rose(s).
2. TaintedOneNinja has 19 Magic Rose(s).
3. Eradose has 19 Magic Rose(s).

4. seejessiedraw has 18 Magic Rose(s).
5. melodycass has 15 Magic Rose(s).
6. MirSanInuKag has 15 Magic Rose(s).
7. marisaa7989 has 13 Magic Rose(s).
8. Mallagueta-Pepper has 12 Magic Rose(s).
9. kimberly-castello has 11 Magic Rose(s).
10. Michi-san has 9 Magic Rose(s).

~*~:butterflytwo:AFFILIATES (479)::butterflytwo:~*~

:bulletred: Affiliates
:bulletred: New affiliates:
:iconpwr2dagals: :iconnaruto-fans-4ever: :iconsora-lovers: :iconorange-blossom-club: :iconpokedex: :iconthewitchfans: :iconprincesslucinda-fans: :iconzim-lovers: :iconjaffa-bori-fanclub:

~*~:butterflytwo:LISTED AT (9)::butterflytwo:~*~

:iconclubz: :iconclubdirectory: :iconcircelofclubs: :iconcontestclubby: :iconlisting-centre: :iconlist-inc: :iconnekolisting: :iconclubcontest: :iconthelist:

~*~-==*})i({*==--==*})i({*==-:butterflytwo: WINX FANS :butterflytwo:-==*})i({*==--==*})i({*==-~*~

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Ask-Unicows Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Excuse me, but I must ask something.

Are you kickin' for a lickin'?
TheGleamingAlexis Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013

We need YOUR help!! Winx Club's ratings have been low, and if it doesn't get the help it needs, it WILL be cancelled.
All you need to do is write a letter to the address below, explaining
to the Nickelodeon staff to:
•switch Winx Club to a better time slot,
•air it consistently,
•show weekday reruns,
and anything else you want to add. Remember, we all have to focus on the same things, and keep it business-like and constructive.

New York Office
1515 Broadway, 44th Floor
New York, NY 10036

We will all mail our letters, or time them to arrive from July 1st through July 7th.

I didn't include an email. Yes, I'm asking you to write something on paper, and mail it through postal service. These things can't be done with the push of a button. Write/type a letter, not an email or a text, to show you care. Do it for Winx Club.

Nothing is impossible. Everyone counts. Just remember, YOU have the power to change the world!

View the links below for more information.


Winx fan, signing off.
Pixelated--Coffee Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013
but the ratings are high....
fuzzycrab Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
want to buy my harmonix adoptables??:please:
minizi1 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Umm.... My names Izzy and I would like to join! If that would be ok.... I don't really get how I join! ^^; Here's the link to my gallery: [link] I'm a newbee to so, yea! Thanks!
pt018 Featured By Owner May 5, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
Hey guys, how's everything? BTW Nickelodeon just got Winx. Isn't it awesome, but you probably know that already.
nina2nabi Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011
hi am a girl and i love you pic
NicoleEnn Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Hi. Do not want to take part in the contest? [link]
I would be pleased.
AnimeRPGLover08 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello =D
Would anyone like to take part in my Winx Club Contest?
Here is the link to the journal...[link]
Twinxmaker Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2010  Student Artist
do you take enchantix requests?
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